Missions Pastor


Ann Hunter is our Missions Pastor.  Prior to joining Grace Fellowship, she served at Shady Grove Church as a Mission’s Coordinator and Mission Director, and then was appointed to pastoring missionaries and leading mission trips.  She has been a Bible Study leader for over 20 years and was also the Prophetic Conference Coordinator and an Event Planner for Pastor Olen Griffing.

She was appointed by Pastor Olen and Syble Griffing to oversee the preserving of the History of Shady Grove Church Project.  In 2010 she was hired by MJBI to assist as Event Coordinator, Promotions Coordinator and in Partner Relations.  Her husband Patrick, who has 25% Jewish Heritage and is a Messianic Jewish Believer in Christ, was sent out by Dr. Wayne Wilks of MJBI as an Emissary to church denominations to share Shabbats and Seders, teaching the Jewish Roots of Your Christian Faith.  Ann and Patrick were members of Baruch HaShem Synagogue in Dallas for 7 years to deepen their experience in Messianic Jewish Studies. Ann resign from MJBI in 2015 to care for her mother.

Ann was on the Board of the World Trade Center for a term limit of 2 years managing employees, meeting deadlines and making displays. Because of her experience there she has spoken to local women’s groups and at Trinity Fellowship with Kerry Kirkwood’s church about the importance of team building.

After full rounds of chemo and experimental treatments in 1999, Ann is a 19-year survivor of breast cancer. She also became a young widow at the age of 45 and has had both cancer and widowhood ministries.  She has given her testimony on TV and radio and is currently writing a devotional book for cancer Patients.

Ann Hunter is now a wife, mother and grandmother. She is also appointed to serve on a City Commission in Grand Prairie, which creates opportunities for local missions. 

Ann said, “God unzipped her heart and put a great love of missions and missionaries many years ago and it has never left.”  Her greatest passion is to see missionaries successful on the mission field and provide encouragement and inspiration to them.  Ann looks forward to helping build the Missions Department at Grace Fellowship under the authority of Executive Pastor Anthony Walker and Senior Pastors Joe and Deborah Oakley.