Interim Missions Minister

Meet our Interim Missions Pastor!


Candi Summers is the Executive Director of BESTWA (Building Everyone’s Success Together in West Africa), a ministry in Liberia.  BESTWA was started by Candi’s father, Andy Perkins.  She has been active in the ministry since 2004, taking the role of Executive Director in 2019.  Candi and her husband Nathan have five children.  Nathan is a freelance electrician and handyman, which allows him to care for their household when Candi is traveling for BESTWA.  They have attended Grace Fellowship Church since 2004.


Patricia is one of the 1,250 children that BESTWA feeds on your behalf.  Each day feels like a miracle.  She wakes up and walks to eat a beautiful hot meal at the BESTWA Feeding Site.  She and her friends play and sings songs about Jesus.  She is starting school for the first time.  Patricia never imagined this could be her life.  A few short weeks ago, things were very different.


You see, Patricia was a street vendor.  She carried a bucket full of doughnuts on her head starting before sunrise each morning.  She stayed out until she sold them all, or it got dark.  Seven days a week, Patricia worked hard.  She knew her family was depending on her for their survival.  That is a very big burden for a little girl to carry.


A powerful gift of $31 a month set Patricia free to just be a child.  A sponsor like you provides daily food, medical care, education, and love.  There are thousands of little children in Liberia who must get up and work hard each day just to help their families survive.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You have changed that for so many children.  Thank you!


In addition to the Feeding Program, BESTWA provides medical, medical equipment, and training to the struggling healthcare providers in Liberia.  Clean Birth Kits, emergency food, and direct aid to the poor are some of the ways Grace Fellowship Church is changing things for Liberians.  Your love and support have made an incredible difference in Liberia, and saved thousands and thousands of lives.  Thank you for touching heaven and changing earth through missions!