Financial Peace University Instructor

I grew up in a family that chased the American dream. My parents were dedicated to hard work and trusted in their job security. This taught me how to work hard and be committed to a job. Unfortunately, I also learned that a normal lifestyle included amassing large amounts of debt. Eventually my parents divorced. I lived with my dad and attended church with my mom. This is where I began my personal relationship with God. Because I had very little parental involvement, this sustained me until I was a young adult. At 22, I married Kari and together we had a son and a daughter. 

With a desire to be wealthy, I concluded the easiest way for me to achieve wealth was to purchase and hold rental property. When I turned 50, I realized my dream of riches was still too far away to be a reality. I was in emotional turmoil. My bad financial decisions and ever-increasing debt was accumulating because of interest payments. I had no peace and my relationship with my wife was suffering.

I cried out to God who led me to listen to Dave Ramsey and his plan of The 7 Baby Steps. Within five years, my wife and I rid ourselves of all debt, including mortgage payments and established a good-size bank account for emergencies. I now have financial peace and a good relationship with my wife. My desire is to share with others how they can also be debt free and have the ability to give more using Dave Ramsey’s plan.