We believe that our tithe and offerings are an act of worship. We give because God gave first. The word "tithe" means "tenth" and it is a way of honoring God with the first 10% of our income. In addition to tithing we also give general offerings to the Lord. General offerings are given above the tithe and represent free-will offerings.


The EMPOWER Offering is dedicated to reaching more people with the gospel through financial support of our ministry efforts to make disciples and extend God's Kingdom effectively. The EMPOWER Offering will give way to expanding our vision for future growth and support financial sustainment while enhancing our overall ministry experience. October is EMPOWER Offering month with a specific annual goal set based on ministry vision.


    Text-to-give is a seamless and efficient way to give tithes and offerings. Text mygfc to the number 833-742-9134.

    When you receive a reply, click the link. Select your amount, the fund, and the frequency and complete your giving. At church or on-the-go, text-giving is easy and convenient.

     The first time you text to give you will be asked to set up your account information. This will only be necessary once.


  We believe the church exists not to just meet its own needs, but to reach out and meet the needs of those inside and outside of the church. Our Benevolence giving helps aid people who are disadvantaged or in crisis situations.


  We believe that one of the ways GFC touches heaven and changes earth is through missions. Our Missions giving helps support long-term missionaries that travel all over the world to share God’s word, share God’s love, and help those in need.