We are Touching Heaven and Changing Earth through missions.

We pray for our missionaries and missions during our service on the fourth Sunday of each month and during "Missions Month".

We send missionaries locally and around the world. We encourage members to take part in short-term mission trips and have organized trips for members to go to Honduras, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, London and Belize.


The fourth Sunday of every month is our “Mission Sunday”

when we put special focus on missions.


GFC has sent representatives to countries around the world.



We pray for a different missionary each week during the Sunday service. The fourth Sunday

of every month is our “Mission Sunday” with a time of special focus on a particular missionary

or mission need. 



There are many options for giving which include online through our giving page, in our app and with a giving envelope available in our sanctuary.  Simply select missions from the drop down menu and add the amount of your gift to help support our missions and missonaries. GFC sends the designated funds to our missionaries.






Dan Boerger teaching with a coworker

Brenda Boerger


Wycliffe Bible Translators

There is great importance in raising up the next generation to go into different countries, translate the Bible and establish churches. That is why Grace Fellowship Church is blessed to have Dan and Brenda Boerger as missionaries. They have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators for over 35 years.

The Boergers served for 20 years with the Natqgu-speaking people of the Solomon Islands and helped them translate and dedicate the New Testament, Ruth, and Psalms in 2008. They are now leveraging that experience at Dallas International University (DIU) and SIL International.

Dan is administrative assistant to the Academic Dean of DIU. He leads a Tuesday night home group, now meeting on line. He is author of The Interpreted New Testament (TINT), which Pastor Joe Oakley refers to regularly.


Brenda is an Adjunct Professor at DIU, where she teaches and mentors students planning to go into cross-cultural ministries, including Bible translation. Her main SIL assignment is as an international consultant in language and culture documentation, which she has done since 2010. She was recently inducted as a fellow of the Pike Center for Integrative Scholarship.


They see their current role as helping raise up the next generation of cross-cultural workers to take over that outreach until Christ's return.


(L-R) Ethan, Laura, Brent holding Jude, and Claire

Brent Brollier, Linguist


Pioneer Bible Translators

Brent and Laura Brollier are missionaries with Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) working as part of a team since 2012 to reach the Bible-less West Africa people group: the Konianka.


Laura has a counselor's heart, mentoring and being involved in a prayer ministry focused on spiritual health for missionaries in training, when she is not taking care of the couple's three kids. Brent works from a distance directing the Bible translation, checking Scripture drafts for accuracy, and takes occasional trips back to Africa to train the national Bible translators.


The President of Pioneer Bible Translators describes Brent as, “one of their finest linguists." He knows Hebrew and Greek and is fluent in French, the national language of their host country. Their mission to create an alphabet and finish a Bible can take many years. The president continues, “[He] is most capable to do this project.”


The Brolliers are all about touching heaven and changing earth, which is the vision of Grace Fellowship Church. They believe God will provide so that they can spend their time on their calling. Donations from Grace Fellowship Church have been helping the Brolliers since their time in France learning to speak French.


Please remember to pray for the Brolliers, their ministry, and the expansion of the Gospel among the Konianka people.


Ron and Lynn Dennis


Ministers to the Honduras and Venezuela People Groups

Ron was called to the ministry in 1965 in college in southern California.  And Lynn in 1960 was called into ministry at the age of 13 while at a church camp in Santa Cruz, California


They have been in ministry for 51 years.  They were Wycliffe Bible Translators for 48 years and then retired.  While at Wycliffe they were GFC missionaries.    But during retirement they realized that God still had on their hearts, the people of Honduras and Venezuela.  They decided to spend their own money to help them.  They fly in once a year, sometimes Lynn flies over and teaches but they help with food while there.  But during the year they send help for food and supplies to help with a benevolence and relief funds.  They have paid their own expenses of airfare and all the help they given these two countries.  So, really we found they didn’t really retire, they just changed ministries.  We decided to add them back on as GFC missionaries. 

Their hearts are drawn to them because Honduras and Venezuela are the least reached people.   Besides helping with food they bring encouragement and discipleship.  They also bring written materials for the churches and schools there. 


The Tolpon of Honduras often lack basic food and necessary medicine.  They send funds as they have funds available. 


They are active at GFC service and also are a large help to Pastor Awilda at Grace Latino.  Lynn translates English into Spanish for Grace Latino Church.


They are greatly loved at GFC, they are faithful to both services and faithful to help in these two countries as funds are made possible. 


Please consider partnering with them to help the very needy in Honduras and Venezuela. 


Candi Summers, Executive Director & Andy Perkins, Founder




Candi Summers is the Executive Director of BESTWA (Building Everyone’s Success Together in West Africa), a ministry in Liberia.  BESTWA was started by Candi’s father, Andy Perkins.  She has been active in the ministry since 2004, taking the role of Executive Director in 2019.  Candi and her husband Nathan have five children.  Nathan is a freelance electrician and handyman, which allows him to care for their household when Candi is traveling for BESTWA.  They have attended Grace Fellowship Church since 2004.


Patricia is one of the 1,250 children that BESTWA feeds on your behalf.  Each day feels like a miracle.  She wakes up and walks to eat a beautiful hot meal at the BESTWA Feeding Site.  She and her friends play and sings songs about Jesus.  She is starting school for the first time.  Patricia never imagined this could be her life.  A few short weeks ago, things were very different.


You see, Patricia was a street vendor.  She carried a bucket full of doughnuts on her head starting before sunrise each morning.  She stayed out until she sold them all, or it got dark.  Seven days a week, Patricia worked hard.  She knew her family was depending on her for their survival.  That is a very big burden for a little girl to carry.


A powerful gift of $31 a month set Patricia free to just be a child.  A sponsor like you provides daily food, medical care, education, and love.  There are thousands of little children in Liberia who must get up and work hard each day just to help their families survive.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  You have changed that for so many children.  Thank you!


In addition to the Feeding Program, BESTWA provides medical, medical equipment, and training to the struggling healthcare providers in Liberia.  Clean Birth Kits, emergency food, and direct aid to the poor are some of the ways Grace Fellowship Church is changing things for Liberians.  Your love and support have made an incredible difference in Liberia, and saved thousands and thousands of lives.  Thank you for touching heaven and changing earth through missions!


Valentin (Val) and Tatyana Sviontek



In the mid 1990’s after the fall of Communism, a tremendous wave of revival broke out in the former Soviet Union.  Among the many salvations were Jewish believers in desperate need of Biblically sound Messianic-based discipleship and training.  To answer the need Shady Grove Church sent Dr. Wayne and Bonnie Wilks were sent to begin the first Messianic Jewish Bible Institute school.  At the same time Valentin and Tatyana Sviontek were called to go as well and move back to their native Ukraine to assist the Wilks’.


Both Val and Tatyana came from Jewish families and both confessed Yeshua (Jesus) as teenagers.  They met at a youth camp for believers shortly after coming to faith, which ironically was located in the very city that MJBI was birthed outside of Odessa, Ukraine in 1996.


When MJBI began to expand internationally, the Sviontek’s ministry did as well.  MJBI recently transitioned in the Gateway Center of Israel.  The Sviontek’s love of their ministry in Ukraine, Israel, Europe and Zimbabwe.

The Lord led them to stay with the ministry God gave them in all these places.  They have schools of leadership taught to the Messianic Believers.  At one time as a Director at MJBI Val and some other leaders baptized 5000 Zimbabweans’ of the Limba Tribe as new believers in Yeshua (Jesus).  They continue schools there. 


In Europe and Israel involves congregational planting, youth and children’s ministries, evangelism, leadership retreats and musical outreaches.  They value worship and equipping the ministry. 


Please consider supporting us for this busy year in 2021. We start off with trip to Zimbabwe to host and have ceremonies for students there to become new pastors to spread the Gospel. Also, they are planning in Ukraine a Conference for Israel pastors and our local pastors,
teaching them more about reaching the Jewish people. Also to understand more about standing with Israel and how important that is in these days.


Val and Tatyana, our GFC missionaries are friends with the Mission Pastor and Pastors Joe and Deborah Oakley, they have known the Svionteks’  for a number of years. 


Samson and Qamar Titus


Ten14 Ministries

Their goal at Ten.14 Ministries is to increase the ministry workforce, provide reliable transportation for the ministers in Pakistan, stimulate the local Pakistani economy, provide ambulatory care to the “Untouchable”, and help provide an opportunity for quality education for those who would not have it otherwise.


They were both born and raised in Pakistan as the fourth generation Christians. Their great grandparents converted from Sikh religion in the early 1900’s, when John Nelson Hyde (more commonly known as Praying Hyde) was preaching through India. They both accepted Jesus Christ as savior and were baptized in Pakistan. According to the Pakistani tradition their parents arranged their marriage in 1989. They attended All Nations Christian College in London, England and returned to Pakistan in 1991 to work with the tribal (Bheel) people in southern Pakistan. In 1994 they came to the United States of America and were ordained to be ministers of the Gospel in 1995. They set up the mission’s office to raise much needed financial support for the work in Pakistan. When (Qamar’s Father) Dr. William Daniel passed away in 1996, it placed them in the leadership position to oversee the work in Pakistan and raise financial support.


The Lord has broadened their vision. In addition to the work in Pakistan; they teach seminars/conferences on Cross Cultural Outreach, as well as minister in prayer and counseling as the Lord is bringing so many needy people across their path. They travel across the United States and other parts of the world to teach and preach.

A few years ago, they opened a sewing center where women learn to sew as a way to provide for their families and gain protection from the dangers of working in the fields. Donors provide new sewing machines at the beginning of a class and upon graduation, each women is given the sewing machine she has been working with. The sewing center is saving lives, building self esteem and providing a source of income for its students.


They have grown so much they are building their third Sewing Center. And have need of funds to pay for sewing machines. They learn to sew on these machines and when they graduate they receive this sewing machine as a graduation present.

Their school is flourishing now that Daniel’s School has started back after being during the pandemic. They pay their teachers and even paid them while they weren’t teaching so they wouldn’t lose their teachers.


Praise God, their church has been built. However, they are still needing funds for the outdoor Baptistry and also build a stage over it to protect it but can move stage easily when using Baptistry. Also build two restrooms near Baptistry for people to change clothes in that are being baptized. The Baptistry and Restrooms are urgent to be build, people waiting to be baptized.


Ann Hunter

Find out more about our mission to reach the community through outreach.


Missions and Outreach Pastor

Ann Hunter is our Missions and Outreach Pastor.  Prior to joining Grace Fellowship, she served at Shady Grove Church as a Mission’s Coordinator and Mission Director, and then was appointed to pastoring missionaries and leading mission trips.  She has been a Bible Study leader for over 20 years and was also the Prophetic Conference Coordinator and an Event Planner for Pastor Olen Griffing.


She was appointed by Pastor Olen and Syble Griffing to oversee the preserving of the History of Shady Grove Church Project.  In 2010 she was hired by MJBI to assist as Event Coordinator, Promotions Coordinator and in Partner Relations.  Her husband Patrick, who has 25% Jewish Heritage and is a Messianic Jewish Believer in Christ, was sent out by Dr. Wayne Wilks of MJBI as an Emissary to church denominations to share Shabbats and Seders, teaching the Jewish Roots of Your Christian Faith.  Ann and Patrick were members of Baruch HaShem Synagogue in Dallas for 7 years to deepen their experience in Messianic Jewish Studies. Ann resigned from MJBI in 2015 to care for her mother.

After full rounds of chemo and experimental treatments in 1999, Ann is a 22-year survivor of breast cancer. She also became a young widow at the age of 45 and has had both cancer and widowhood ministries.  She has given her testimony on TV and radio and is currently writing a devotional book for cancer Patients.


Ann Hunter is now a wife, mother and grandmother. She is also appointed to serve on a City Commission in Grand Prairie, which creates opportunities for local missions. 


Ann said, “God unzipped her heart and put a great love of missions and missionaries many years ago and it has never left.”  Her greatest passion is to see missionaries successful on the mission field and provide encouragement and inspiration to them.  Ann looks forward to helping build the Missions Department at Grace Fellowship under the authority of Associate Pastor Anthony Walker and Senior Pastors Joe and Deborah Oakley.


Send an email to our Missions Pastor for more information.